Burg Sayn



The 800-year-old ancestral castle of the Princes of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn towers high above the town of Sayn. The heights of the Westerwald offer a stunning panoramic view across the Rhine plain to the volcanic mountains of the Eifel.

A footpath leads past the ruins of the gatehouse and Stein Castle. This castle house of the Lords of Stein from Nassau, also called the “Kaff”, was first mentioned in the 14th century. It survived the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War and remained preserved and inhabited until the late 18th century. Going past the middle castle house, you reach the core of the castle complex.

The foundation walls of the castle chapel are at the entrance to the outer castle courtyard. This is a double chapel with remains of a valuable ornamental floor from before 1200, rediscovered during excavation work in 1984. It overlooks the Rhine plain. In front of the chapel is a well that was excavated 25 m deep during restoration work – without even reaching the bottom. A 20 square metres or so rock chamber was discovered at a depth of 17 m. Sadly, the treasure mentioned in countless fables was nowhere to be found.

Behind the large wooden gate, emblazoned with the Sayn lion carved in stone, is the inner castle courtyard. The largely restored keep, its masonry standing at almost 20 m high and 2.40 m thick, dates from the middle of the 12th century. The DIESAYNBURG restaurant is on the north side of the courtyard. It opens for parties and celebrations, either in the cosy atmosphere of the Burgschänke lounge, by the open fireplace of the vaulted cellar or in front of the impressive panorama of the terrace.

The castle ruins can be reached on foot from the Butterfly Garden and Sayn Castle in about 15 minutes via the well-kept Rheinsteig, Saynsteig and Sayner Aussichten hiking trails, or by car via the L-306 (towards Bendorf-Stromberg). The castle grounds are open, however the area of the DIESAYNBURG castle restaurant is only accessible during opening hours.


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