Sayner Hütte



The Sayner Hütte foundry story as an iron processing site began over 250 years ago. It was a shaping influence on the region, employing up to 200 workers.

Founded in 1769 by Elector Clemens Wenzeslaus, it sold only pig iron, manufactured water pipes and barrel hoops for the Elector.

When the Prussian state took over the ironworks in 1815, the Sayner Hütte foundry experienced something of a boom and became a model plant within Prussia. It had the most innovative technology of the time installed and the cast-iron casting hall built by Carl Ludwig Althans in 1830 became a complete ‘self-contained’ machine in itself. As well as iron, the ironworks now also manufactured guns and other iron utensils needed for fortress construction around Koblenz. The finest iron artistic castings were also produced, such as jewellery, candlesticks, plates and the famous Schinkel chair, signed ‘Sayner Hütte Foundry’ just like all the other products.

After a tough round of negotiations, Alfred Krupp succeeded in buying the ironworks in 1865. The company left a deep impression in Sayn and the surrounding area. This time marked the emerging development of hiking and cultural tourism in Sayn. A network of hiking trails was laid out and the Krupp recreational home for the company’s workers was built not far from the Sayner Hütte foundry.

Krupp sold the Sayner Hütte foundry during the world economic crisis in 1927. From then on, it was used for residential purposes and deteriorated visibly until it was saved from demolition in the 1970s by a citizens’ initiative and the entrepreneur Heinrich Strüder. From 2011, the city of Bendorf redeveloped the area.

Ever since 2017, you have been able to experience the Sayner Hütte foundry as a monument, museum and place to experience past and present beauty. A range of exhibitions and touch screens allow visitors to explore history and technology. Staged light and sound effects take the visitor back to the time of pig iron smelting.

A new building with rooms for the large iron art casting collection will be added in 2022 to showcase outstanding Sayner Hütte foundry products. The special ‘Colourful castings – the collection without iron’ exhibition is currently showing some of the most beautiful artistic iron castings. This workshop exhibition also invites visitors to cast their own iron art objects using coloured sugar.

An extensive range of guided tours on technology, history and the life of the workers complements the exhibition and experience stations on site.

Children and young people can explore the area independently with the free-of-charge foundry rally.

And every Sunday, foundry scouts are available to answer questions and give suggestions.

The Sayner Hütte foundry is open daily from March to October between 10 am and 6 pm and also hosts numerous cultural events on the grounds.


Stiftung Sayner Hütte
In der Sayner Huette 4
56170 Bendorf-Sayn
Tel.: 02622 – 98 49 550

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